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Honey Processing Equipment

Honey processing equipment is the equipment that helps to perform the operations performed at all stages of honey from the hive to our table. Honey is subjected to many processes after it is taken from the hive by beekeepers. After filtration, honey sieves are used to separate the honey from the foreign substances contained in it before transferring it to the honey resting tanks. Honey passing through a honey sieve is stored in resting tanks. In the resting tanks, honey is kept for a certain time, which varies according to its properties. The waiting honey turns into a more transparent and clear one.

After this stage, honey can be bottled directly if desired. But as a result of the environment and weather conditions in which some beekeepers are located, it begins to freeze due to the small amount of water and pollen contained in honey. To prevent this, honey should be heated to a maximum of 40 degrees, and it is necessary to reduce the proportion of water in it. This process is also called the removal of moisture from honey. If honey is heated to more than 40 degrees Celsius, honey loses its properties and honey’s HMF value rises. That is why honey heating boilers must definitely have a thermostat. Honey heating boilers do not heat honey directly. It has a double-walled structure. The water in the container located on the outer wall of the honey heating tank is heated with the help of a resistor. The heat of the water is reflected from the conductive stainless metal to the inner wall. This process allows the honey to warm up.

The honey creamer machine is also a honey processing equipment. A product developed despite the difficulties of consumption due to the fluidity of honey. There are two models with heater or without heaters. There is a mixer inside the honey creamer machine. This mixer is turned with the help of a powerful motor. A frozen amount of honey is added to the honey poured into the honey creamer machine to ferment it. Then the control mechanism of the honey creamer machine automatically turns and waits for the mixing process at set times. He repeats this process for hours. The residual fluidity of fermented and mixed honey decreased and its color varied towards white. Honey creamer machine is widely used in European breakfast culture due to the habit of putting cream honey on bread. An effect of the cream honey market has been observed in our country in recent years.

What is a honey heating tank ?

Honey heating tank is an equipment used to extend the shelf life of filtered honey. Beekeepers pour honey into honey heating tank after harvest the honey. It heats the honey by exposing it to heat not exceeding 40 degrees in the honey heating boiler for a certain period of time. It is the water that creates the heat in the heating process of honey. Due to its structure, the resistance heats the water, while the water surrounds the honey and ensures that it is heated. Honey heating boiler is a double-walled product. There is no contact between the outer wall and the honey. Therefore, honey and water do not come into contact with each other. The heated water heats the stainless steel sheet on the inner wall. Due to its stainless sheet structure, it transmits the heat inside. This process extends the shelf life of honey from 2-3 months to 5-6 months.

What is a honey pump?

Honey pump is an electrical motor equipment used to transfer the honey in any chamber to another chamber. Honey transfer is done with the help of rubber wheels suitable for food in the honey pump. According to the rotation direction of the honey pump, it makes suction from one side and sends from the other side. Benka honey pumps do not leave any residue in honey, do not disturb the structure of honey, and do not cause foaming.

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