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Beekeeping equipment is all necessary equipment for beekeeping activities. Honey is formed by the bees instinctively from various flower essences found in nature, as a result of the bee’s structure and transported to the honeycombs in the hive. The benefits of beekeepers as well as bees in the formation of these honeys are great. After the honey is transported to the hive by the bees, many beekeeping materials are used in the collection, processing and packaging of that honey. These materials are indispensable for beekeepers. Beekeeping materials used in beekeeping activities are mainly as follows; Honey filtering machines used to transform honey into filtered honey, honey melting boilers used for heating honey, beekeeper blowers, honey resting boilers used for bottling honey and honey filling machines. Benka Beekeeping produces all beekeeping materials with a professional team in accordance with Food Standards.

The varieties of beekeeping materials are increasing day by day by developing R&D studies in line with the demands of beekeepers. Benka, a beekeeping equipment manufacturer, first considers the benefit of the beekeeper in all products from small hand tools to honey filling facilities. Modern, innovative and useful beekeeping materials have replaced the old methods used by beekeepers. These equipments are indispensable for the rapid development and improvement of beekeeping activities.

Benka, which sells beekeeping equipment wholesale, also carries out retail sales.

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