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Beeswax Processing Equipment

Beeswax processing equipment is the equipment used by beekeepers to open the honey comb called ‘beeswax cappings’ or to process these beeswax cappings on the surface of honeycomb honeys in a frame state. Some of them are; uncapping tank or wax melting tank, steam wax melting tank, wax extruder machine.

Beeswax processing equipment is important equipment for professional and conscious beekeepers. The amount of pure beeswax found in our country is decreasing day by day. Pure beeswax is produced exclusively by bees instinctively. Beekeepers usually install an artificial wax on the frames, which is attached with the help of wire. Bees, on the other hand, swell this beeswax, fill it with honey and beeswax it to close it again. It can also be called honeycomb honey. After the honeycomb honey is filtered, the honeycomb formed by the bees by fluffing it from the honey candle appears. This wax should now be considered an old honeycomb and is a national treasure for our country. Old honeycombs may also contain diseases of bees that worked on the previous one. That is why old honeycombs are sterilized by melting wax in melting boilers. The process of melting beeswax is carried out with the help of steam. As a rule, the variety is manifested in the method of heating the beeswax.

The operating systems of wax melting machines are as follows; The steam of the water heated by direct fire is collected by the companies producing artificial honeycomb, which will be used to place the wax back into the honey frames after the wax is melted … by the steam of the water heated with the help of the internal resistance or directly with the help of a dry type resistance and fan.

You can separate the beeswax from honey by many different methods. One of these methods is the method of pressing beeswax. For this, the beeswax extruder machine is manufactured by Benka Beekeeping. The honeycomb can uncapping and deposit in the chamber of the uncapping machine. There is a dense and uniformly filtered honey and beeswax inside. In order to separate the honey from the beeswax, the beeswax is poured into the collector chamber of the crimping machine towards the auger. The spiral rotating in it narrows as it approaches the front part and expels the honey in it in the holes. When we get to the front part, it turns out to be a dry wax with a very small amount of moisture in it.

What is an uncapping machine?

The uncapping machine is the bench used for the process of opening the flaps called “glaze” on the honeycomb honeycomb with the help of a cutting tool. The uncapping machine is used to collect the flowing honey and glazes in the chamber during the uncapping process. There are 3 types of uncapping machine produced by Benka. Economic model uncapping machine, Luxury model uncapping machine and bench top uncapping machine.


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