Manual Honey Extractors

Manual Honey Extractor

What is a manual honey extractor ?

Beekeepers need to turn honeycomb honey coming out of hives into harvested honey due to consumer preference. The caps , which are considered a beeswax caps by beekeepers, located on the surfaces of honeycomb honeys, are opened with the help of some cutting tools. After the opening of these valves, it is placed in the basket located inside the honey extractor for the framed honey harvesting process. With the help of a gear mechanism called a centrifuge on a manual honey extractor, the inner basket is rotated. Manual honey extractor got its name from the need for human power in the operation of the machine. With a quick rotation of the inner basket, the frames are directed towards the outer wall of the machine. Due to the structure of the basket, the frames that are directed towards the inner wall of the boiler are held, but the honey in the liquid state inside is thrown away due to the center leakage force. The harvested honey, which is thrown into the boiler of the manual honey extractor, flows to the bottom of the boiler. The tap of the honey extractor is located in the front part of the boiler. The harvested honey accumulated at the bottom of the cauldron is transferred to any container for storage with the help of this tap. The honey harvesting process will be finished.

There are 2 models of manual honey extractor produced by Benka Beekeeping. One of them is Standard Models, and the other is Luxury Models. Standard model manual honey extractor are made of 430 grade stainless steel sheet. The feet and hoops on the standard model manual honey extractor are electrostatic painted. While the other model, the Luxury Model manual honey extractor, was produced, AISI 304 quality stainless steel was used. The legs and pulleys on the boiler are made of stainless steel. Its durability is longer than that of standard models.

Manual honey extractor are quite easy to operate and maintain. Before using the products, they should be cleaned with soap and hot water. After the honey harvesting process is finished, it is recommended to clean the honey extractors due to the structure of the products and the small amount of acid contained in the honey. Honey extractor is a product that is used once a year when the beekeeping season comes, so it should not be removed in a humid environment or rinsed after cleaning.

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