20 Frame Honey Extractor Full-automatic (With Engine) BA560OM-304
May 25, 2018
8 Frame Honey Extractor with uncapping (With Engine) BA558M-600-304
May 25, 2018

20 Frame Honey Extractor With Touchscreen BA560OME-304


0.80mm 304 quality stainless steel body and drum
304 quality stainless steel basket
Frame Capacity: 20pcs Langstroth
Plexiglas cover
2mm chrome legs
Inox honey gate
0.18 kw motor , reducer
Controll panel with touchscreen
Power Supply: 220v
Ful-Automatic system with timer
Security switch
5 year warranty (excluding electrical parts)

Diameter: 78 cm
Height: 130 cm

-Koli Ağırlığı: 46 Kg
-Koli Ölçüsü: 85x85x115 cm

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