12 Frame Honey Extractor Self-Turning Full Automatic With Screen BA562MILDD-304
April 8, 2020
8-20 Radial Honey Extractor 12v/110v (Dadant) BA558-20-12V
April 8, 2020

20 Frame Honey Extractor with uncapping (With Engine) BA560M-600-304


1.5mm 304 quality stainless steel body
304 quality stainless steel basket
Frame Capacity (Extraction): 20pcs Langstroth
4mm plexsiglas cover
Chrome legs with wheel
Ball valve
0.18 kw motor , reducer
Controll board with speed drive
Power Supply: 220v
Frame Capacity (Uncapping): 10pcs Dadant
Extractor and Uncapping on same body
5 year warranty (excluding electrical parts)

Box Size: 140x85x120cm
Box Weight : 92 kg

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