Honey Dump Boat BA704
January 23, 2020
Wax Melter With Gas BA653
April 6, 2020

20-36 Frame Honey Extractor With Engine ( Dadant – Bottom motor ) BA560-36


1 mm 304 Quality Stainless Steel Drum and Bottom
Acid prof 304 quality stainless steel basket
Frame Capacity : 20pcs Dadant , 36pcs Dadant 1/2
Ball Valve
Unbreakable Cover 4mm Plexiglas
Power Supply: 0.25 kw engine
Control: Driver
2mm Stainless Steel Legs
Reversible ( Can turn Right and Left )
Full Automatic System
Security Switch
5 year warranty (excluding electrical parts)

Diameter: 100cm
Height: 142cm

Box Size: 101x105x105cm
Weight:60 kg

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